About Me

I create engaging media that tells honest stories.


I help my clients document authentic, consistent, and unique stories. We work together to imagine, create, organize, and present compelling stories through photography, video, copy, and strategy. I help couples document their special days, businesses open a window into company culture, shared emerging business’ stories and inspiration, followed customers to create case studies and customer profiles, and spend a painful amount of time showing self-restraint while I take photos of food of every kind (though it usually ends up in my belly).

I can’t work in a vacuum… I’m so lucky and inspired to have found a community filled with makers, farmers, bakers, and creators of all types that have beautiful stories to tell. I’m living my dream job, helping these people share the beauty that they’re already putting out into the world. Nothing I create could exist without the people I’m creating content about, so this is just one of many “thank you”s to my subjects and clients.