Cornell CALS Brand Photography

When the team at CALS reached out last summer about growing their photography library, I was excited. My style doesn’t always align with the Ivy League identity at Cornell, but my documentary-style approach seemed quite in line with the natural, vibrant, and unstaged vibe suggested in the CALS brand guidelines they shared.

CALS is a premier institution of scientific learning, tackling the complex challenges of our time through purpose-driven science. The incredibly diverse college is home to programs and research ranging from agriculture to biology to communications and everything in between… which makes the college basically my dream client. I’ve always loved collaborating with agricultural and culinary clients, but working with the CALS team has broadened my idea of my favorite subject matter. Every time I get called for a shoot it’s something new– I’ve photographed soil scientists, computational biologists, geologists, engineers, architects, brewers, entomologists, and filmmakers, among many many others, at the Ithaca campus and at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

Through a mix of natural portraiture, classroom photography, and documentary-style shoots in the lab and in the field, I’ve been contributing to the brand library, and look forward to growing this collection!