Laurel & Eric

Laurel and Eric invited me in to document their day from start to finish… from morning yoga class and swimming time in Cayuga Lake to dancing and campfire hangouts. Their lakeside celebration was intimate and beautiful and filled with hugs and special moments. I’m so honored to have been there to document it, and it hits me in the feels every time I read these sweet words from Laurel.

“I just have to share that having everything be intimate and small was really important to us, and so you were the only person at our wedding that wasn’t “invited” — but we were so happy to have your presence there, and share everything with you. I know that has nothing to do with photography, but it is a huge part of the package and I just cannot thank you enough for everything you brought — from help getting things organized during the day, to the actual pictures you took, to the way your smile and presence brought extra joy to us and our guests. It’s really such a personal and magical thing, to get to share a wedding.”

Morning yoga class by Lara Green, Drop-off catering by Macro Mamas, Dress by Wear Your Love, Flowers by Plenty of Posies, Event at Krassimira Woods.