Macro Mamas

I like to tell this story about how when I was in India, I had a stomach bug. I was sick and longing for home, in the back seat of a car for an 8-hour drive. I started dreaming up a photo project– I would take glamorous photos of all of my favorite foods, and portraits of the people that made them. Macro Mama’s peanut lime noodles were at the top of my list.

While that project didn’t manifest, some years later I asked Peggy for noodles to serve up at our wedding and she graciously offered a trade. I loved photographing these lovely ladies in their kitchen, plus their plated food (one of these is in a bowl that I made, too!)

All of the mamas are amazing artists, transforming locally-grown produce into vibrant and nourishing dishes that they serve up at the Farmers Market, and of course, their signature noodles. Check it.