Paul & Rosie

There’s something really extra special when a wedding is celebrating more than just two people, or more than two families– Paul and Rosie’s wedding was a celebration of a whole community. It was so beautiful to see these two wed under the same arch that our dear friends Katie and Evan built for our wedding, on the farm from which Paul feeds hundreds of families every year through the Sweet Land CSA, surrounded by Rosie’s family of beautiful musicians who keep our hands clapping and feet stomping.

Not to mention, everything was so vibrant, and I don’t just mean colorful. This celebration was lively–with big group games, live music, spectacular (and well-practiced!) dancing– the food was fresh and local, the local cider flowing from the tap, kids running, swinging, and laughing, and the flowers cut fresh from the fields.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen. First and foremost, Paul and Rosie. And of course, thanks to the amazing all-star lineup of local vendors and producers, including Rachel Ostlund (Kinship & Company), Word of Mouth Catering, and so many many more!