What’s Good Ithaca

I started What’s Good Ithaca in September 2014 because I was looking for an outlet to tell stories of the things that I love in the format that I wanted to work in. The mission quickly evolved: I realized that by discovering and telling the stories of good happening in my community, I could inspire more people to put more energy toward more awesome acts of community building and positive change. Since it began, I’ve published more than 40 stories, watched my email list and social following grow, and enjoyed stories of the connections that the stories have inspired within my community.

Each story features a Q&A with the project leader, paired with a photo essay highlighting opportunities to get out and volunteer, learn about awesome local non-profits, find someone that perfect local gift, participate in awesome local gatherings, or learn about inspiring entrepreneurs (many of them women).

This project has taught me more than I thought was possible about myself: I rebuilt a new kind of relationship with my camera, I grew more confident in my ability to write, and I discovered how to express what I love doing: telling stories of the things that I believe matter, in whatever medium is appropriate.

This experience has led to new adventures and projects, which have slowed down the production of new content, but I hope to continue publishing new stories every once in a while and keep the good work going.

I’ve chosen a few shots from favorite stories to highlight below, but please click through to whatsgoodithaca.com and explore the beautiful good work being done to make Ithaca thrive.