Youth Entrepreneurship Market

The Youth Entrepreneurship Market was launched this spring to give students the resources, training, and inspiration to bring their business ideas to life. This pilot program was launched to gauge interest and community response, and with over 50 kids participating and hundreds of community members showing up to participate in the market, it was clearly a success.


I loved spending time with all of these young entrepreneurs. They were honestly inspiring– seeing what they pulled together in just over 2 months is amazing!

This was a fun video experiment too – I used Tyler‘s Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera for all 3 shoots (plus the GoPro for time lapse), then put this edit together in one (long) day. I’m used to a video edit being weeks long, but my goal here was to be able to do a video project on a modest budget, so I challenged myself to take a different approach to weaving the story together using titles instead of dialog. I tinkered around in After Effects for the first time too. I also snapped photos during the shoots, because I didn’t want to end up with hours of video footage to make my edit harder… so here’s a fun multimedia representation of the first (of many, I hope!) YEM programs!