In March, Tyler and I launched a Kickstarter campaign to make Assumptions, a card game of totally inappropriate, raunchy, and wacky characters and assumptions. Players match written assumptions with an illustrated character and the best match wins, Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity style.


And now it’s here. We did it. Over the past 6 months we:

•  wrote 100 characters and 300 assumptions  • convinced ourselves it was time to make it happen  • commissioned the character illustrations from the wonderful Lauren Baker  • designed, printed, and cut (at Kinko’s) a prototype  • playtested  • shot, edited, and animated the pitch video (below)  • convinced people that this was cool enough to back on Kickstarter  • playtested some more  • navigated the brand new world of overseas manufacturing  • convinced ourselves this was worth it, again  • waited for the games to get here on a ship (they were on the Pacific for 4 weeks)  • shook our fist at UPS for being so confused about where it was going (though we did have the pallet shipped to a macaroon factory, so…)  • packed the first 500 into boxes, shipping them to our hallowed early adopters across the globe  • just broke even.

Now we have over 4oo more, waiting for you to buy them. We’re already talking about producing more and creating expansion packs, so stay tuned!

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