Downtown Ithaca Commons Celebration

Last weekend our whole town celebrated the reopening of the Commons, and what a party it was! Amazing music, proud downtown businesses, games, and people people people.

Downtown Ithaca Alliance rented the photo booth for Friday’s festivities. We captured some great groups and witnessed lots of laughs.

I was hired to take family photographs on Saturday for Family Fun Day. It was so great to see everyone who had come out to celebrate, and the portraits (as well as the booth photos) were great takeaways that stick around even after the event is over. The booth and the family portraits created branded personal content for the Downtown Ithaca Alliance, ripe for sharing. As the DIA hoped, the photos spread around social media and showed that people were out en masse enjoying our new downtown.

While the photo booth was running on Friday, I had the chance to photograph the festivities. Enjoy, and get downtown soon!

Gallery features: Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, the Giving is Gorges campaign powered by GiveGab, Kristina Thelen and the Amuse team getting ready to cut the ribbon, Mayor Svante Myrick leading the giant ribbon cutting, performances and busking on the Commons, and Kings of the Fall headlining the Friday night concert, and many wonderful people enjoying our new downtown!