Farmigo Stories

I worked with Karli, the Business Manager for Farmigo CSA management software, to make a dream project happen. Side note: Karli has an amazing job. She gets to interface with hundreds of farmers around the country every day and support their efforts to foster local food communities. Seriously, awesome.

Karli had been conceptualizing a story-based marketing project for Farmigo for a while, and she brought me in to help prototype the project and build some sample content. We worked together to devise a prototype website (mockups below) that would share the success that the Farmigo software has created for existing customers to create a success-driven, positive brand image of Farmigo to the greater small-farm community.

Our first piece of content focused on Early Morning Farm. Karli did a Q&A style interview with Early Morning’s owner Anton Burkett about the history of his farm and how he has approached the issue of scaling a small, consumer-focused, independently-owned operation. I photographed and organized our content for web. Anton was a great example of how interviews with successful small farmers can draw the attention and readership of small farmers across the country interested in scaling without losing their sense of independence and community.

Update: Unfortunately, this project never made it past prototype phase. So it goes!