Gorges Half Marathon

Running isn’t my thing (I said). It’s boring and repetitive (I said). I can’t stay focused, and I can’t listen to music – there’s no earbuds on earth that stay in my giant ears when my head is jostling around like that (I said). It’s just not for me (I said).

Then Tyler came into my life, and I started seeing running in a whole new light. If he could run 50 miles in a day, surely I could run 4. No need to go fast. Walking is OK. That hill really is hard, I’m not just being whiney. And trails. Beautiful trails. Running has gone from a chore to a new, unexpected, and transformative form of meditation.

And I figured out the earbud thing.

I now consider myself a runner, but watching the folks come over the finish line on Saturday at the Gorges Half Marathon still fills me with awe. I’m proud to have worked with Red Newt Racing and the Chamber of Commerce to capture portraits of the runners and their families, and to document their stellar after-party, plenty of beer included.


Did I take your picture? Find your portrait at photos.allisonusavage.com/gorgeshalf.