Ithaca’s Wizarding Weekend 2015

A happy witch on the front page of the Daily Prophet, from Remembox.

Welcome to Diagon Alley! On Halloween, blocks of Downtown Ithaca were transformed into a Harry Potter-themed world, drawing thousands of people. HP fans came from near and far– I even talked to some magical travellers from the Hudson Valley!

Businesses and organizations from across Ithaca pulled this event together over just two weeks, but I have to make a special shout-out to my friends in Press Bay Alley and my fellow members at Ithaca Generator for absolutely rocking it. Life’s So Sweet, Press Cafe, Amuse, and Bramble transformed effortlessly into magical shops, and Boxy Bikes organized what I’m guessing is the first-ever electric bike Quidditch matches which drew hundreds of wizards bellowing chants for their house’s team. Ithaca Generator was transformed into Knockturn Alley: some arduino-powered magic at Ithaca Generator let us muggles get a feel for what it’s like to flick a wand and see the magical results, next to some amazing illusions, wand-making, and a moving portrait wall. Press Bay was topped off with a giant dragon, pulled together by the Ithaca Generator team in 48 hours before the event. My Remembox Photo Booth, built at Ithaca Generator, was set up in the Alley and put hundreds of people on the front page of the Daily Prophet.

I documented the event for the Convention & Visitors Bureau and Press Bay Alley, the center of the action. Enjoy!