Visit Ithaca: Agriculinary Tourism Stories

Ithaca is… delicious, beautiful, bountiful, and a gorgeous place to visit.

Our region offers a truly authentic opportunity for agriculinary tourism experiences, and I absolutely adore spreading the word and getting folks from all around the northeast (and the country, and the globe!) up into my little corner of the world. And I admit that I think we, as a community, may have made up the word agriculinary… but it’s perfect, right?! As the market for agricultural and culinary tourism grows more and more, our community has had the opportunity to position itself as an established destination through web-based content and marketing initiatives, like this storytelling project.

Four of my favorites so far: Ithaca Beer Co., Ithaca Farmers Market, Hazelnut Kitchen, and Indian Creek Farm.

During harvest season in 2016, I began a pilot project to create and publish six stories about agriculinary tourism opportunities in Tompkins County. These stories were published on as Q&A-style transcribed interviews supported by strong documentary photography. Since then, I’ve produced 23 (and counting!) stories about delicious places to visit around Ithaca, from breweries to markets, tree farms to festivals.

Scroll through for one of my favorites, Ithaca Farmers Market.

I’ve added a few favorite photos here, but it’s all about the format and stories on Exposure.

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