“We’ll wait until winter”, we said. In 2016. When we got married. About our honeymoon. And we did wait until winter. Just the next one.

Jamaica was the perfect retreat from the harsh reality of the beginning of calendar spring in Ithaca– it is still actually winter. But not in Jamaica. We hung out on warm beaches with water so blue that before we went, I just thought everyone had photoshopped it. We drank Red Stripe and went on boats and snorkeled in caves under cliff-top restaurants where we later ate dinner. We stayed in cheap airBnB cabins and all-inclusive resorts and jungle cottages and a 4-star hotel (the 4-star hotel was my least favorite). We ate whole fish, new-to-us vegetables, sweet potato pone (which I have tasked myself with recreating),  a 5-course dinner, and hiked up a mountain for a freshly prepared Ital lunch (which I also posted about at ausavage.exposure.co).

Sorry not sorry we couldn’t take you with us, but enjoy these snaps 🙂

All taken with my little Olympus OMD-M5 Mk II and one of two little lenses that fit in my purse. Which is pretty good because last time we went on vacation I didn’t even take my camera. Sometimes I need a break from taking pictures, but this didn’t feel like work at all.