Farmscape Yoga

In 2014 I met Sara, a strong woman and friend, dedicated to our community and to herself. We practiced, learned, and taught side by side for months throughout our 9-month Yoga Teacher Training program, working together through all kinds of challenges: from stretching and trying our bodies and spirits as yoginis to supporting each other through a cleanse, and, of course, getting that semi-toxic henna off our feet as quickly as possible.

Sara’s approach to yoga isn’t by the book – it’s by many books. She takes pieces of experience from throughout her life as a farmer, an artist, a teacher, a communicator, and a yogini to weave together the Farmscape Yoga workshops. We worked together to create a unique look for her marketing materials that weaves together landscape and asana, the four seasons, and the distinct personality of the workshops.

postcard rendering with rounded corners
The postcard is the centerpiece of the print materials that I worked with Sara to design.

I also created a few templates for other print pieces that included guidelines for typography and colors, so Sara could continue to share information about the workshops without my help and stick with the brand that we created. And took pictures, of course (below).

So… time to sign up for the Autumn session! Head over to for more info. I’ll see you there!